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Our Services

Massage is an essential addition to your self-care regimen. Though it is not a replacement for medical attention, an ever growing body of research supports the many significant benefits massage has to offer.  More and more people are looking to massage for help with stress management, sleep disorders, cardiovascular health, enhanced athletic performance, (beginner to professional!) and an overall better quality of life.

Below you will find short descriptions of the techniques I specialize in to help guide you in your quest of optimal health.  Your session is 100% customizable. During a complimentary consultation, we will determine the best course of action together.  It is not uncommon to blend techniques to achieve the ideal massage exclusively for you.

Therapeutic Massage:

Rehabilitate, Rejuvenate (or both!)

//  30 Minute  //  60 Minute  //

//  75 Minute  / or /  90 Minute  //

Goal - Relaxation

What to Expect -
Your muscles will be introduced to touch with long, gliding strokes of light to medium pressure to prepare soft tissue for more focused techniques. Firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, deep circular movements and a gentle shaking motion may all be incorporated to address tired muscles, and awaken the nervous, lymph, and circulatory system.
Decreased muscle spasm Decreased muscle fatigue Calms nervous system Relief of stress and anxiety Improve quality of sleep

Goal - Address Chronic and Acute Muscular Tension

What to Expect -
Strokes similar to Swedish are applied with medium to very deep pressure that will be determined by your level of comfort. The session’s focus will be directed to the deeper layers of connective tissue with the intention to address areas of pain and stiffness.
Increase circulation Increase range of motion Reduce inflammation Decrease muscle tension by releasing tight connective tissue

Goal - Release range of motion restrictions, restore balance to whole body

What to Expect -
Akin to deep tissue. Areas of restriction are located by applying gentle, sustained pressure to the fascia, the connective tissue that connects and covers muscle and skeletal structures. The process is repeated until the myofascial tissue regains pliability and elasticity.
Improves physical performance Improves nerve function Decrease in pain

Goal - Treat specific sites of pain and referral patterns

What to Expect -
Muscles will be warmed up, and when ready to receive more focused work, we will identify the exact location of sensitivity, as well as its referral path. For example, a trigger point in the shoulder may send pain up the neck with a varying degree of discomfort. Gradually, the trigger point will be released through a cycle of deep breathing, point specific pressure, and feedback regarding your pain level.
Increase range of motion Decrease pain and tenderness Decrease numbness and tingling Alleviate multiple areas of pain simultaneously

Goal - Treat/prevent injury, postural and biomechanical issues

What to Expect -
After determining areas of pain and restriction through postural analysis and range of motion tests, pressure similar to trigger point release will be applied beneath the superficial layers to rid muscles and other tissues of adhesions. This encourages the muscles to lengthen, increasing blood flow and flushing toxins from the soft tissue.

Treats repetitive stress injuries, headaches, TMJ, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other conditions.

Please see list of contraindications to determine if therapeutic massage is right for you. Click HERE.

Stone Massage:


An enriching 80 minute session, using basalt stones, and nutrient dense oils to melt away muscular tension, ease muscle stiffness, and support deep relaxation. Bliss!

Goal: Deep relaxation, ease mental stress, and chronic pain

Benefits- Greatly reduces mental and physical stress, Relief from chronic pain, Deep relaxation, Improved sleep and more.

What to Expect: Heated or cooled basalt stones are strategically placed at focal points along the body. Deep, comforting heat penetrates the muscle tissue creating a sedative effect, encouraging mental and physical tension to melt away. All the while, your therapist will integrate a customized massage with additional stones and hands on for the ultimate healing experience.

*Please see list of Contraindications to determine if Cold Stone Therapy is right for you.

Goal: Reduce swelling and inflammation, Soothe trauma or injury to muscle, Release tension, Create a deep state of relaxation

Benefits- Ease arthritis pain, Alleviate sinus congestion and ease migraine headaches, Relax muscle spasms, Decrease menstrual cramping, Restore energy level, Relieve discomfort related to increased body temperature

What to Expect: Your therapist will place chilled marble stones at specific points along your body. The stones may be placed with a buffer, such as a thin towel, to adjust temperature and protect the skin if necessary. The smooth coolness of the stones will begin to penetrate the muscle tissue, decreasing spasms, releasing tension, and creating a state of deep relaxation. Your therapist will continue using Swedish massage techniques and cool stones applied with oil for a gentle glide along the muscle groups.

*Please see list of Contraindications to determine if Cold Stone Therapy is right for you.

(Using hot and cold stones for therapeutic benefit)

Goal: Alleviate chronic and acute muscle pain, Relieve acute injury (over 48 hours), Speed up the recovery process, Decrease discomfort from ailments such as: plantar fasciitis, tendonitis & arthritis, Ease repetitive stress injury

Benefits- Stimulate blood flow and Lymphatic drainage Cool Stones: vasoconstrictor; decrease inflammation and slows the momentum of nerve transmission to impede pain. Hot Stones: vasodilator; brings nutrient dense blood to tissue helping muscle tension to ease.

What to Expect: There are various ways to apply contrast therapy with stones. A couple of examples are (1) Your therapist will hold a hot stone in one hand and a cold stone in the other while applying each in alternating strokes. (2) Addressing a muscle group with heat or cold first. Once the muscles have received the benefits of the initial temperature, your therapist will then introduce the counter temperature stones to the same muscle group. Assessment for the most appropriate and effective technique will be determined during your consultation. *It is very important to share all knowledge of injury and diagnosis by your physician to aide your therapist in providing an efficient and safe treatment.

*Please see list of Contraindications to determine if Contrast Therapy is right for you.


Stone Sessions are 80 Minutes OR as an Add On to one of our other Massage Sessions.

Please see list of contraindications to determine if stone massage is right for you. Click HERE.

Plus... Young Living Essential Oils:

Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils will add a boost to any session. Unlimited